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Learning Beyond the Classroom

The children also have opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities which enhance their learning.

These include:

A variety of educational visits

These vary from being very local and within walking distance from the school; we are lucky enough to have Sutton Park on our doorstep, to further afield e.g. The National Space Centre near Leicester.  Educational visits are linked to learning in the classroom and ignite curiosity and enhance learning opportunities.

On site swimming and hydrotherapy

Swimming sessions take place either on site in our own hydrotherapy pool or at a local leisure centre. Swimming is arranged on a rota basis although there are further hydrotherapy sessions available for those children who may need them. 

Sensory rooms

School has two well equipped sensory rooms: The Rainbow Room and The Starlight Room. Each is different and provide unique creative learning spaces within school. The Rainbow Room, for example became a sensory role play space linked to the topic e.g. turned into a polar world for the topic ‘Ice World’. 

Soft play room

The soft play room is well equipped and has a small ball pool. It provides a useful space for children to be active and develop their physical skills in a different environment. Some children may also have programmes developed by an Occupational Therapist that make use of the soft play room.


The school has three minibuses and all of our drivers are licenced and qualified. Having our own minibuses and drivers means that educational visits can take place more regularly and at a lower cost to parents/carers.

School grounds and outside spaces

We maybe be a smaller school but visitors are often surprised at the amount of outside space the school has.  There is a school field with swings, a see-saw and trim trail and trampoline and there is wheelchair accessible path leading from our top main playground to the field and another newly fitted second playground. Many downstairs classrooms open directly onto their own smaller outside areas and there is a dedicated Early Years outdoor classroom and play area. The main playground has a large castle with slide and there is a circular rope swing.  School has outside play equipment and trikes and scooters for the children to use.  There are many outside learning opportunities.

Visitors to school

Throughout the year we invite a variety of visitors to school to enrich learning opportunities. These have included: local fire fighters and fire engine, dance workshops, musicians and singers, science workshops and animals brought into school.