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Curriculum Specifics

Information on Sex and Relationships education and Religious Education.

Sex and Relationships Education

Sex and Relationships education is fully integrated into the curriculum and not isolated, taken out of context, or over-emphasised.

Religious Education

Religious Education is provided and a daily act of collective worship takes place. The School is non-denominational and assemblies usually have a religious and moral element, providing an understanding of major world religions.

Assemblies and collective worship take place at the end of the day and whole school assembly takes place Monday and Friday each week. On Monday there is a signed singing assembly linked to a theme. On Friday our ‘Star of the Week’ reward assembly takes place. Children who have tried particularly hard throughout the week are presented with `well done’ certificates and stickers to take home. On Tuesday and Wednesday key stage assemblies are held and on Thursday each week, classes hold their own act of collective worship in class. Where parents wish to exercise their right to withdraw a child from religious worship or religious education, alternative arrangements will be made.

Major religious festivals are celebrated as a whole school throughout the year and parents/carers are often invited to school to join the celebrations.