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Our Ethos

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Our role is to enable each individual child to achieve his or her full potential through equality of opportunity provided in a multicultural and inclusive educational setting. We believe that learning should be enjoyable, lifelong experience and see parents/carers as our partners in the educative process.

Mission Statement

Our Ethos

We believe our school should be:

  • A place where everyone matters and where learning can be fun.
  • A caring place where your child will be safe and feel secure.
  • A place where you and your child will always feel welcome.
  • A place where your child will gain in self-confidence as they experience success through challenge and achievement.
  • A place where your child will succeed and where every success will be celebrated.
  • A place which will keep you in touch with your child’s progress.
  • A place that will let you know the things you can do to help your child.
  • A place which will ensure that your child receives their full educational entitlement.
  • A place which will ensure that your child achieves their full potential.
  • A place which is an integral part of the community in which you live.
  • A place which celebrates the cultural and religious diversity you bring to the school.
  • A place in which the highest standards of behaviour and consideration for others are upheld.
  • A place where staff are aware of the example they set to your child in everything they say and do.
  • A place which will continually strive to improve the quality of its provision.
  • A place which responds to the changing needs of your child.
  • A place which will support and encourage your child in their efforts to achieve success.
  • A place which will acknowledge the contribution you can make to your child’s education.

School Rules

School rules are largely a matter of common sense and good manners, consistent with the safety and well-being of everyone in the school community.

A high standard of behaviour is expected at all times, showing courtesy, respect for one another and for possessions. Here are the simple rules we encourage all children to follow: